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SarpanevaUhrenFabrik is a Finnish watch brand that is Finland, through and through.

Its limited edition, mechanical timepieces are designed and assembled in the heart of Helsinki by the Baltic Sea, with a style and build quality of distinctly Scandinavian pedigree. But it goes further than that – S.U.F. is horology’s embodiment of a certain “Finnishness”;  grit and determination known as sisu.

It’s impossible to translate literally but the stoicism and sheer guts that sisu describes are born of Finland’s remoteness, and long, bleak winters. With limited resources, the elements always against them, the country’s people have nonetheless risen to the challenge in every field, from the sea, to the land and into the air. And it is there that S.U.F. thrives, inspired by Finnish pioneers of engineering, speed and design – every one of them with sisu in spades.

The brainchild of master watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva, S.U.F. is a workmanlike alternative to the enigmatic Finn’s finely crafted, nouveau-Gothic horology. Driven by the same, reliable Swiss automatic movement – Soprod’s A10, admirable through a sapphire back – the S.U.F. case is clean, sharp and versatile, twinned with a rugged leather strap.

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